Mama Director Considering Mummy Reboot

While “Mama” might have generated some mixed feelings with audiences, it still performed admirably well at the box office and received some glowing reviews from critics.  It would make sense that Universal Pictures would want to work with the films director, Andres Muschietti, once again.

However, the new project might be a bit surprising.  Leaving Mama behind for a Mummy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Muschietti is “circling a deal to direct” the Mummy reboot.  Readers might remember that the film recently lost director Len Wiseman when he left the film back in july.

We still don’t know much about what the Mummy reboot will entail, only that the script was written by Jon Spaihts and is set in the modern day.  That might make some readers cringe, given that the Mummy series is so intrinsically tied to it’s 1920s/30s setting, but I don’t think that the change of setting is the films biggest challenge.

Really, the biggest challenge is making the classic movie monster relevant again.  I don’t want to see just another retelling of the Mummy story, we got that with the Brendan Fraser film, I want to see something entirely different done with the character.  The change of setting represents a promising start, but if it’s just the 1999 Mummy set in modern times, then what’s the point?  I know it’s a challenge to reinvent the character without losing his core attributes, but the best way to bring this classic monster back to the big screen is to show audiences a new way of looking at him.

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