Michael Pitt Leaves ‘Hannibal’ and is Replaced by Joe Anderson

Well this is a big bummer for fans of “Hannibal” and Michael Pitt. It looks like a certain actor won’t be making a grand return for season three of NBC’s “Hannibal.”

According to TVLine actor Michael Pitt won’t be returning for the next season of “Hannibal.”  The actor, in my opinion, turned in a fantastic performance as the deranged Mason Verger that culminated in some truly unsettling scenes.  No specific reasons were given regarding his departure, but it seems that it was Michael Pitt’s choice.

And while Pitt may be leaving, the story of Mason Verger must go on.  Stepping into the maimed shoes of Verger will be Joe Anderson who previously appeared in the short lived ABC series “The River.” As TVLine points it, it’s probably the best time for the change as Mason will be mostly seen with prosthetics in the upcoming season.  In fact, I wonder if having to constantly wear the prosthetic makeup influenced Pitt’s decision to leave?  It can be an unpleasant experience and especially taxing if you have to wear it for a season long TV show.  That’s just speculation, though, we may never know why he truly left.

For now, you can enjoy our first look at Joe Anderson in his Mason Verger makeup down below.

Mason Verger

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