More Potential Casting News for Catching Fire

More Potential Casting News for Catching FireThe upcoming sequel to The Hunger Games, is quickly making steady pace, we know that Francis Lawrence is on directing duties while Jennifer Lawrence is returning to reprise her role as Katniss, but what about everyone else?

The Playlist is reporting that Mia Wasikowska (Stoker) and Zoe Aggeliki (R.I.P.D) are currently in the mix to play the role of Johanna Mason in Catching Fire.

“The character becomes a strong ally with Katniss and Peeta during the 75th Hunger Games, but has a testy relationship with Katniss who likens her to an older sister who hates you. She’s a fierce competitor who has no family and friends left in District 7 where she hails, with her weapon of choice being an axe.”

Lionsgate will release Catching Fire sometime in November 2013.

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