Neill Blomkamp Says His Alien Film Has Been Put On Hold

WELP. Neill Blomkamp is starting to become the Guillermo Del Toro of the Sci-Fi world in that both directors have projects I’m deeply interested in seeing, but they never seem to get made.

Director Neill Blomkamp took to his Twitter today to reveal that his “Alien” project was being put on hold why the studio waits to see how Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Paradise Lost” turns out.  And rather than sit around waiting to see what happens next, Blomkamp has opted to move on to other projects.  Here’s the Tweet where he made the announcement.

With Scott’s newest film changing titles from “Prometheus 2” to “Alien: Paradise Lost” it was clear that there was going to be some sort of conflict moving forward.  Though both were dealing with different aspects of the Alien legacy the shared use of property indicated that one was going to have to wait for the other.

Does this mean we’ll never get Blomkamp’s “Alien” film?  Not necessarily, but it does mean it’ll be a long time off before it finally happens. In the meantime maybe we’ll finally get that “District 10” sequel.

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