New Bloodrayne Game in the Works

Ever since that time Uwe Boll got his hands on “Bloodrayne”, the franchise as a whole seems to have slipped from the pop culture conscious. With its wild heroine and combination of vampires and Nazis, Bloodrayne used to hold a certain charm that popularized it in the 90s.

In 2012 Wayforward took a crack at the franchise by releasing a downloadable “Bloodrayne” 2D platformer called “Bloodrayne: Betrayal.” On the whole, the game seemed to enjoy some mostly positive reviews, but it wasn’t quite the grand return fans were hoping for.

Now a new developer is looking to dip their toe in the Bloodrayne series.  Arc Systems (know for BlazBlue) has created a rather cryptic page which features a familiar looking character and a countdown timer.  Eagle-eyed fans will recognize the symbol on the character’s necklace as belonging to that of Bloodrayne’s protagonist.

All signs seem to point to a new game in the “Bloodrayne” series, but what sort of game it’ll be remains a mystery.  Arc Systems is known for their anime-influenced fighting games, but they also have a 2D platformer under their belt.  However, is it possible the game could be a more traditional 3D “Bloodrayne” entry? It seems unlikely, but in 6 days we’ll know for certain.

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