‘New Mutants’ Has a Release Date – Maybe for the Last Time?

I know the release of “New Mutants” has been a long running joke now and there were even rumors that it wouldn’t make it to theaters, but would instead be on Hulu.  It seemed like the film would never find its way to theaters, but now Disney appears to be giving it one more shot at the big screen.

I’m not Disney fanboy, but I feel like when Disney says it’s going to put something out in theaters then damn it, it’s coming to theaters.  Not that Fox couldn’t get it done, but they started to feel a bit more flimsy in their resolve these last few years.  Well, now that Disney is in firm control of the Fox brand it has decided that it does want “New Mutants” to come to theaters.  Disney released their schedule of film releases from now until 2027 and among the films given dates was “New Mutants” which is set to release on April 3, 2020.

When we first talked about this movie a few years ago we were initially excited about it because it appeared to be a superhero movie with a horror twist.  Taking mutants from the X-Men universe and placing them in a psychological horror setting.  The initial trailer, which you can check out below, was great.  However, something went wrong and the film kept getting pushed back.  Some reports suggested that Fox wanted the movie to be scarier to take try and make some of that “IT” money.  It’s uncertain what state the movie is in now, but I’m still eager to check it out.


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