New Official Extended Trailer for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Have you guys had your fix of shark movies yet? Of course not, especially when there’s a third freakin’ Sharknado movie on the horizon. So, my friends, strap yourselves in and get ready for absolute mayhem as a new official extended trailer for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! has arrived which has the one and only, David Hasselhoff, along with a slew of celebrity cameos. So get ready, because I think many of you will soon be chanting, “Oh Hell Yeah!”

SynopsisRun like the wind! Hide where you can! The Sharknado is back and this time, the entire east coast is in the eye of the storm. Shearing winds of teeth and death will ravage the Eastern Seabord from Washington D.C. all the way down to Orlando, Florida. It’s up to Fin, April, David Hasselhoff, and a horde of celebrity cameos to save the entire country!

Look for this one on the Syfy channel this July 22nd at 9/8c.

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