New Screenshots from Alien: Isolation

When we first talked about “Alien: Isolation” over a thousand hours ago, I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe that it was actually coming.  In concept, the game was a radical departure from previous “Alien” based games.  And given the way “Colonial Marines” was received, I didn’t think anyone would dare touch that property for some time.  And yet, here we are with a look at some screenshots from the upcoming game.

The new screens, which you can view below, popped up on a random Twitter feed.  I have no idea how the person running that Twitter account got a hold of them, but Eurogamer did confirm that they were real. The screens don’t reveal much in terms of gameplay or story, but we do get a glimpse of a familiar motion tracker.

The original news story for “Alien: Isolation” suggested that the game would be from the perspective of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda.  As the title suggests, you’ll find yourself isolated in space and facing off against human and Alien opponents.  What’s unique about this game is that developer Creative Assembly is attempting to make the Xenomorphs a palpable threat again.  One of the big rumors was that there would be only one Xenomorph in the game, but that it would be a fearsome foe to deal with.  The game is set to release some time next year on next-gen consoles and possibly PC.



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