Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Bigfoot Wars

Love creature features? How about one that features a guy in a suit? Well, that’s what we have with Bigfoot Wars, and I am all over it! Recently we debuted the first teaser poster and today we have scored the official poster and the teaser trailer.

The film stars C. Thomas Howell (E.T., The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Justice League Flashpoint Paradox), Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire) and Holt Boggs (Dallas, Hostage, The Underneath).

SynopsisBIGFOOT WARS focuses on a small-town sheriff (Boggs) who with the help of a “Dixieland Mafioso” family patriarch (Howell) sets out to hunt a creature that is widely believed to be a myth. They soon find themselves battling for survival as they discover they aren’t dealing with just one beast, but are at war with many.

I for one am in love with this sucker and that poster is a thing of beauty. Let us know what you  make of this one?

Look for this one this May 23rd.

Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Bigfoot Wars

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