Official Trailer For Area 407

As much as I love the found footage sub-genre, it really needed an injection of originality, I mean, you can only focus on demons and spirits so much before they become over saturated. Here we have Dale Fabrigar’s Area 407 (Formerly Tape 407) and you don’t get more original than involving a plane crash, a secret government area and… Dinosaurs.

This one looks awesome and we have the brand new official trailer just to show you how awesome this one is, go watch it below and let us know what you think.

Synopsis: “The film opens with two teenagers flying from New York to Los Angeles on New Years Eve. Their nightmare begins when their plane hits extreme turbulence mid-flight. The relentless weather attack causes panic and terror amongst the passengers until the plane ultimately crashes in a remote government-testing area. The handful of survivors from the crash, bloody and disoriented, are then insistently pursued in the darkness by unknown predators that, unbeknownst to them, are part of the government’s top-secret Mesa Experiment.”

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.

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