Paranormal Activity 5 Directors Update

A little while back we wrote an article about Paranormal activity 5 and the fact that Henry Joast and Ariel Shuman would be back for Paranormal Activity 5.

When we reported this fact I have to be honest my interest was pretty low considering I have never seen a single Paranormal Activity movie.

Henry Joast and Ariel Shuman directed Paranormal Activity 4 and it was reported they would return for Paranormal Activity 5. It would seem this is not true since one of our readers Josh asked them on twitter and he tells us now;

This is not true Henry Joast and Ariel Shuman are not directing it I asked them about this on twitter they said there not.

So it would seem that Paranormal Activity 5 will have to find a new set of directors if you believe what Josh was told. Paranormal Activity 5 will be released October 2013 and I know despite my lack of interest that millions of fans are dieing to see a 5th film. The Paranormal Activity franchise is one of the most prosperous of all time.

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