Peter Berg is Down for a Shocker Remake

Peter Berg may be enjoying success as a director with his latest film “Lone Survivor” being both a financial and critical victory, but he hasn’t forgotten his horror roots.

Speaking with the guys over at Arrow in the Head, Berg got to talking about his big acting break in the Wes Craven film “Shocker.”  In the past, Wes Craven has talked about wanting to take another shot at “Shocker”, feeling that it didn’t quite live up to it’s potential.  It looks like Peter Berg feels the same way.

Berg told AITH that, while he appreciated the film, it suffered from “lousy” special effects.  But the most interesting reveal was that Peter Berg would be interested in being involved in a remake of the film.

Before I could him my next question, which was “Would you be interested in a remake” he beat me to the punch and said that “I’d love to remake it”. So I said “You’d direct it?” he said “No, Wes would direct it, I’d star in it”.

Sounds like a fitting proposal to me. “Shocker” is certainly Wes Craven’s baby and it wouldn’t be a match for Peter Berg to direct.  To star in it, though? That makes a lot of sense.  Obviously, he couldn’t play the original role without rewriting the script, but he could certainly play the role of Detective Don Parker.  What do you think?  Are you onboard for a “Shocker” remake that still stars Peter Berg? Let us know.

The original “Shocker” starred Peter Berg as Jonathan Parker, the foster son of a detective on the hunt for a notorious serial killer.  After an intense manhunt, which leaves members of Jonathan’s family dead, the killer is caught and sentenced to death.  However, his spirit returns from beyond the grave to torment and terrorize the Parker family once more.


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