Robert Zemeckis To Time Travel in Replay

Robert Zemeckis the director of all three Back to the Future films looks set to return to a genre he is so good at. According to Vulture Zemeckis is in serious talks with Warner Bros. to direct a sci-fi/thriller titled Replay.

The project is based on the 1987 novel written  by Ken Grimwood which follows a man who dies of a heart attack in 1988 but re-awakens in 1963 but with all his future memories intact.

Once he reaches 1988 he dies and returns to 1963 all over again soon realizing he cannot save himself but his daughter instead.

Unlike Back to the Future there is no DeLorean in sight but a very interesting tale which I hope Zemeckis does decide to direct but first he is said to direct a film titled Flight, but would only direct if Denzel Washington climbs aboard.

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