Rooney Mara Rips Into The Elm Street Remake

Rooney Mara Rips Into The Elm Street RemakeI was a litlle surprised when Samuel Bayer’s remake of Wes Cravens classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street was released. The film had mixed emotions, some actually loved/liked the film while others hated it, like me. It turns out that even one of the stars of the film hated it just as well.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Rooney Mara spoke about her time in the film. (Thanks to Dread Central for the transcript)

You kind of learn to self-sabotage with things you don’t want to get,” she tells EW. “Sometimes you don’t want to get something, but you do a really good job and you get in anyway. That’s kind of [what happened] with A Nightmare on Elm Street-I didn’t even really want it. And then I went in [to audition], and I was like, “Fuck. I definitely got that.”

Mara then went on to express her feelings after the film was released.

“”I didn’t want to act anymore,” Mara continues. “I was like, this isn’t what I signed up for. If this is what my opportunities are going to be like, then I’m not that interested in acting. So I was very discouraged and disheartened. And then I got the Social Network script. That kind of inspired me.

The reason I hated it so much was due to the fact that the death scenes had no imagination, and you’d think with the technology today, you could make some of the most vivid and terrifying dream sequences. Sadly, Bayer and Platinum Dunes dropped the ball somewhere.

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