Scary Movie 5 Box Office Results Are Scary

I have to admit the first Scary Movie movies were hilarious but now that we are at number 5 the concept is pretty old hat. What was funny 10 years ago isnt so funny now for me and perhaps that is a sign I am getting old or perhaps the studio just needs to find a new trick horse.

Regardless of my thoughts Scary Movie 5 landed at the number 2 spot at the box office bringing in just over $15million but that number is a ways off from covering its $20million budget.

Despite my lack of interest in the Scary Movie franchise the franchise has been a monster generating over $600million over the entire series. This one is the worst of the series profit wise but its only been one weekend. The box office revenue break down via BoxofficeMojo for the Scary Movie franchise looks like this;

  • Scary Movie: $157 million
  • Scary Movie 2: $71 million
  • Scary Movie 3: $110 million
  • Scary Movie 4: $90 million
  • Scary Movie 5: $15million

Did you go see Scary Movie 5 this weekend? What did you think of it? Sound off in the comments.

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