State of Decay Could Become a Live-Action Show

This isn’t exactly major breaking news, but there are plenty of outlets covering it so we might as well mention it too.  ”State of Decay”, the popular XBox/PC zombie game, could possibly, one day, maybe become a live action series.

If that sounds like a vague indication, that’s because it really is.  Earlier last week XBox Entertainment Studios President Nancy Tellem held a presentation regarding some of the original content that could be coming to the XBox One system.  This part wasn’t new as we’ve known since last years E3 that Microsoft intended to create an original program based around “Halo” that would debut exclusively on their game console.

However, what sparked news articles regarding “State of Decay” and other game properties was a short sizzle reel at the end of her presentation. The reel showcased a series of games like “State of Decay” and “Age of Empires” and ended with the line “The games that define us will become the stories that thrill us.”  This doesn’t necessarily mean that these game properties will become action live-action shows, but it does mean they’re being looked at.

Right now original programming on the XBox hasn’t even reached the infancy stage as they’ve yet to debut their first program.  If the original content proves to be a success, it stands to reason that they would want shows that appeal to different genres.  For now, they have intentions to produce shows that are unscripted reality programs, dramas, mysteries, comedies, and sci-fi based.  ”State of Decay” would be an easy “horror” centric property to go to as a potential series.  Especially with the popularity of zombies in pop culture.

So far, the only other property that could be considered “horror” is a potential adaption of the board game “Deadlands” which has an alternate history setting in a wild west where gunslingers have to deal with lovecraftian creatures, sorcerers, and the undead.  Personally, I’d rather see a show like that get a greater push even if it doesn’t have the name brand awareness of  ”State of Decay.”  It just sounds like it would bring more to the table than another zombie series.

Source: Shack News

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