The Conjuring Causes Terror For Homes New Occupants

The success of The Conjuring has turned into an unending nightmare for the farms new owners. The Conjuring has been a hot topic on our site since we started covering it and it seems that the new family living in the home are facing a REAL terror even scarier then the one depicted in the film.

Since The Conjuring has landed in theaters the elderly couple that live in the home have been hit with harassing phone calls and trespassers who for whatever reason think that they have the right to go and investigate the farm and the spirits that supposedly haunt it.

The couple described as a 60-year-old woman and a 70-year-old man had no involvement in the film and are clearly at this point regretting its box office success. Can you imagine being a 60-year-old woman and being woken up in the middle of the night by people with flashlights on your front lawn? ’Is this the home that the movie is based off?’. Who in their right mind thinks this is ok??

The homeowners also accuse the publicist’s who are promoting the film of releasing pictures of the farmhouse and in doing so helping fans find their home. The homes address has popped up all over the internet as has the new home-owners unlisted phone number according to The Blackstone Valley Newspaper.

I know first hand having seen not only the address posted online but also comments from ‘horror fans’ who have detailed the police presence, and how to avoid it. It has gotten so bad that the Sutcliffe’s temporarily had to move out of the home.

Norma Sutcliffe tells Jim Barron a reporter at The Blackstone Valley Newspaper that the constant harassment and the need for regular police intervention has been much more terrifying than some real or imaginary bumps in the night.

Norma Sutcliffe the current home owner of the Perron Farm tells him quote;

“This is affecting us physically and emotionally and I don’t know long we can take it,” Sutcliffe said. “We put every penny we had into this house,” to fix it up the way they like it, she said. “We wanted to die in this house. It is a beautiful, historic piece of property” that, several years ago, before the movie hype, was written up in Colonial Homes magazine. “And it is being disrespected totally.

The town of Burrillville has recognized that it is one of the most precious properties in town because of its age and value and it is being totally degraded.”

A person posted claming to be Norma Sutcliffe  on our site a few days ago on our exclusive article about the Perron’s;

I am current owner received no money not our story and have threats harassing phone calls police are taking plate numbers and will arrest. Tell all Woonsocket Call article

Let me be the first to say that the behaviour of a few die-hard voyeurs does not represent horror fans and this behaviour is completely unacceptable. If you are thinking about going to Harrisville to track down the Perron farm dont! It is not the Perron Farm anymore and the movie may be based on ‘real event’s’ but what is truly real here is the poor family caught in the aftermath of a movie’s success.

The Conjuring is the story of the Perron’s and The Warrens it is not the story of the Sutcliffe’s so leave them alone!

I am sure that James Wan, Warner Brothers and everyone else involved in making the movie does not approve any more than I do of people terrorizing the poor couple living in the home now.

Seriously what are people thinking?

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