‘The Crow’ Remake Shuts Down Production

“The Crow” remake, unlike it’s titular character, can’t seem to come back to life no matter how hard it tries.  First it was various lead actors coming and going to the project and now it looks like financial issues might be gumming up the works for this latest remake.

According to Screen Daily, production on “The Crow” has been suspended while the film’s U.S. backer, Relativity Media, deals with some bankruptcy issues. The film still doesn’t have a lead actor, but it seems that actress Andrea Riseborough had indeed been cast as the villain Top Dollar.  Sources  close to the film told Screen Daily that Relativity still intends to produce and release “The Crow.”  That remains to be seen given the financial trouble that the production company is in.

However, even if Relativity should fold up and disappear, I imagine that “The Crow” is the kind of property plenty of other studios would be interested in taking a stab at.  With comics being as hot as they are and remakes being all the rage, “The Crow” must look like a tempting property to produce.  So if you’re really eager for a new “Crow”, I think you can rest assured knowing that this gothic spirit will rise from the grave once again.

The Crow Image

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