The Dark Below Makes its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival This August

A couple of months ago we ushered in the first details and a slew of photos for Douglas Schulze’s (Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead) highly intriguing, and original film The Dark Below, but since then it has been a little silent but it has become very clear now, they have been extremely busy. You see, the film has been accepted to make its world premiere at the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival! Yep, freakin’ huge. And with that announcement, we have also been provided with a few more photos to give you a brief taste of the upcoming film and I can’t wait to watch this one. So if you guys are lucky enough to be at the festival in Montreal, go check this one out.

From the Press Release:

The Dark Below will have its world premiere at the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival this summer in Montreal (July 14th thru Aug 4th). Douglas Schulze’s bone chilling new thriller will bow in Montreal at the festival Moviemaker magazine dubs “One of the most prominent genre festivals in the world”. In this visually stunning, experimental thriller set on Michigan’s wintry frozen Great Lakes, a brutish serial killer imprisons his still-living latest victim in the watery depths. Thus begins a uniquely chilling story of survival and shocking revelation.

Fangoria says “You haven’t seen anything like it. This accomplished experiment in narrative storytelling tears every convention apart.” Co-starring Veronica Cartwright. World Premiere.

The Dark Below is a terrifying tale about a divers struggle to stay alive beneath a frozen lake while a killer hunts them from above. Set largely on and beneath a frozen lake the production crew filmed The Dark Below outdoors in temperatures that, at times dropped to minus 20 degrees. Schulze explains; “There’s no green screen here; we filmed this almost entirely in real locations with real elements.”

Schulze’s previous films include the top selling MIMESIS (Anchor Bay / Starz) about role players that recreate Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead complete with flesh eating, Dark Fields (with the late David Carradine).

Fantasia will also premiere Marvel’s new megabudgeted superhero flick “Ant Man” and previous premieres include Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” (North American premiere) and “Shaun of the Dead”.

For more information and screening times visit the official facebook page.




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