The Human Centipede 2 US Release Date

With the recent announcement that The Human Centipede Part III is going to make part II “look like a Disney film”, many of us was wondering when the heck we will even get to see part II which, Tom Six said would make the first look like “My Little Pony”. He really does like referencing his films to childrens animation.

Anyway, while us folks in the UK won’t be able to see this one due to the BBFC’s decision to ban the film it looks as if you guys over the States will be treated to a limited theatrical run.

According to the guys over at Arrow in the Head, The Human Centipede Part II: [Full Sequence] will hit select Landmark theatres on October 7th. Head on over HERE to see if it’s playing at a theatre near you.

The Human Centipede II: [Full Sequence] is written & directed by Tom Six and stars Laurence Harvey, Ashlynn Yennie, Dominic Borrelli, Lee Harris, Georgia Goodrick, Lucas Hansen, Emma Lock, Dan Burman, Bill Hutchens, Maddi Black Katherine Templar, Peter Blankenstein, Kandace Caine, Daniel Gennis and Vivien Bridson.

Synopsis: “A man becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD and creates a human chain of his own.”

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