‘The Nun’ and ‘Predator’ Get New Release Dates

Release dates used to mean something, you know?  Before you’d get a date and it’d be set in stone. Now you have movies coming out the day they’re announced.  It seems that the only thing that’s certain, when it comes to release dates, is that they’re bound to change.

Take, for example, these two high profile films.  The upcoming “Conjuring” spin-off “The Nun” and new “Predator” sequel have both been pushed back from their original release dates.  “The Predator” is only jumping back a few weeks by moving from August 3rd to September 14, 2018.  Meanwhile, “The Nun” is getting pushed back several months moving from July 13th to September 7th.  Makes sense to have a horror movie closer to October and “The Nun” is a Warner Bros movie and Warner Bros had great success with releasing a horror movie in September last year with “IT.”  So you can see why they would want to try their luck again.

Given the nature of shifting release dates and how early it is in the year, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk about movies playing musical chairs this year.  Thankfully, these movies are stilling coming out in 2018.  I would’ve been severely disappointed if another one of my anticipated movies got pushed back into 2019 like “New Mutants.” 

The Nun

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