‘The Prodigy’ Opens Soft In a Relatively Quiet Weekend

Maybe it’s the cold weather back out east or the rains on the west coast or possibly even the threat of Valentine’s Day looming right around the corner, but this was a rather quiet weekend for the box office and an especially tough outing for horror.

It was clear from the start that “The Prodigy” was never gonna win the weekend when it was opening up against a titan like “LEGO Movie 2.”  But I don’t think anyone would have guessed how tame this weekend would end up being.

The first LEGO movie had done exceedingly well in 2014, but even the sequel could not bring out the masses to theaters this weekend.  “LEGO Movie 2” opened up with a rather weak $34 million box office. That’s half of what the first movie did in its opening weekend.   So if something like the “LEGO Movie” couldn’t drum up support this weekend, then “The Prodigy” didn’t stand a chance in hell.

Coming in at number six on the box office charts, “The Prodigy” only managed to pull in $6 million this weekend.  According to Box Office Mojo the film had a $6 million budget, so hey, it broke even! So at least going forward it’ll be all profit for this little horror film.  And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it might be able to pull in more money out of couple’s looking to do something different this week.  As long as there isn’t another horror movie premiering before then.

Oh, wait, “Happy Death 2 U” premieres on February 13th.  Damn, that doesn’t bode well at all for “The Prodigy.”  Sorry kid.

But “The Prodigy” shouldn’t feel too bad.  It wasn’t the only movie to have a soft opening.  Both “What Men Want” and “Cold Pursuit” premiered this weekend and both came in with okay numbers earning $19 million and $10 million respectively.

Did you see “The Prodigy” this weekend? What’d you think? Let us know down below.

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