‘The Purge’ is Headed to the Small Screen with a TV Series

While “The Purge” films tend to be  a bit divisive, there’s no denying that the series seems to be growing in popularity as they go on with the most recent film being the highest grossing in the series. However, does the Purge have enough staying power to not only support a new movie but now a TV series?

That’s right, according to Deadline, “The Purge” will not only be getting another sequel due out in 2018 but we’ll also be getting a series based on the franchise.  According to the site Blumhouse will be producing the series for USA and SyFy.  Not my first pick for a series like “The Purge,” but maybe it could work.  I haven’t watched SyFy in a bit, but it sounds like the quality of their original programming has stepped up recently.  Perhaps a horror/thriller will be a perfect compliment to their growing catalog.  I’m just curious how far they’ll be willing to go with the gore.

Not much is known about the series at this point, but we do know that franchise creator James DeMonaco will be helping oversee the series.  Given the nature of “The Purge” taking place on one night, I wonder if the series will keep that idea and do a sort of “24” type series or if they’ll tweak the concept for the new medium.  What do you think? How would you want to see a “Purge” series done? Let us know down below.


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