The Resident Evil Films Are Getting a Reboot

If, at this moment, you’re asking “Wasn’t the last film called ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?’  Why are they making more films?” Then I’d like to personally welcome you to the horror genre, where the end is only just the beginning.

While doing their thing at the Cannes film festival Variety spoke with Martin Moszkowicz who is the head of the production company, Constantin Film, that has produced all of the past “Resident Evil” movies.  During their talk with him Variety learned that the production company is gearing up for a reboot of the “Resident Evil” franchise.

For now it seems that all of the important details like who’s directing and starring in the film are being kept underwraps.  It also seems that we don’t even know for sure if this reboot will carry over the narrative established in the previous “Resident Evil”films or if they will wipe the slate clean and start over (please do that).  Given that they aren’t ready to talk specifics I wonder if this means they’re moving away from series star Milla Jovovich and director/writer Paul W.S. Anderson. Given the decreasing quality of films in the series, one can only hope that they’re planning to get fresh blood in there.  Here’s hoping.

Resident Evil Poster

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