The Soska Sisters Will Co-Write and Star in Horror-Comedy ‘Puppet Killer’

The Soska Sisters are taking a step back from the director’s chair for their next feature, but they’re still going to be heavily involved both behind the camera and in front of it.

The devious twins who brought us “American Mary”, “See No Evil 2”, and “Vendetta” are co-writing a script with Kevin Mosley (“Suspension”) about a killer puppet.  Here’s how AITH described the plot of the film:

Years after the mysterious disappearance of his stepmother, Jamie and his friends return to his family’s cabin that holds a very dark secret for a Christmas getaway, but the holidays always have a way of letting these things out. Convinced that his childhood puppet is a magically animated killer, will Jamie be able to save his friends from a blood body count or is he the one who is actually crazy?

The film will be directed by Lisa Ovies who is making her feature film directorial debut, but if she should feel the need to ask the Soska Sisters for advice she won’t have to look far as the two sisters will also be appearing in the film. “Puppet Killer” will also feature Richard Harmon (“The 100”), Aleks Paunovic (“iZombie”), and Sage Brocklebank (“Psych”).  An interesting note about Sage is that he previously appeared in Mosley’s “Suspension” as Deputy Jacob and is now listed as the same character for this movie.  So that’s an interesting bit of continuity.

Jen and Sylvia Soska, directors of American Mary

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