The Terminator Meets The Hunger Games In EDEN

Its not everyday that we have a project mixing The Terminator and The Hunger Games together, but here we have one entitled EDEN, and I have to say, I’m mightily intrigued by the prospect.

According to Variety, KK&P (Kerry, Kimmel and Pollack) have acquired the rights to Keary Taylor’s novel Eden, which is said to be a dystopian thriller described as The Terminator meets The Hunger Games.

The story is said to follow “Eve, a teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction and robots that were created to serve humans have turned against them. As Eve struggles to fight the Fallen and help her friends find safety, she must choose between a boy she has always trusted and one who holds the secrets to her past.”

Eden is being produced by Mark Morgan (“The Twilight Saga”), Kami Garcia (the “Beautiful Creatures” series), Brett Hudson (“Fast Flash to Bang Time”) and Michael Pollack (“Black Forest”).

No word on any other details at this time. While I am intrigued, I’m worried a love aspect will will become the main focus. Here’s hoping this one turns out to be something more.

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