The True Story Behind The Conjuring

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Movies have an instant added bonus with movie goers when filmmakers put ‘based on a true story’ in front of them. My question is how much of The Conjuring and what happened to the Perron family is based in reality versus fiction? Over the years there have been a ridiculous amount of horror movies based on a true story and in many cases they are one small figment of truth wrapped in a whole bunch of fiction.

For over 20 years Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and The Perron family have tried to get their story told. Ed Lorraine according to their official website is a demonologist and his wife is a trance medium and together they took on evil spirits and were often called in by the church to fight demons.

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The Conjuring which will hit theaters July 19th and is directed by James Wan ( Insidious ) will tell the story of one of their reported battles with demons at the Perron Farm. Jason saw the film and in his review of Conjuring had great things to say about the film writing;

“The Conjuring” is a remarkable film in that it not only pays tribute to the horror films that came before it, but that it also restores a bit of faith in big studio horror films.  Whereas “Insidious” may have been a divisive film amongst horror fans, I think “The Conjuring” will find a greater amount of acceptance.  This is the kind of film that will appease those who say “I wish Hollywood would make the films they used to make.”  I highly recommend that you check it out.

When I first heard about The Conjuring it seemed that James Wan was just doing a sequel to Insidious without directly connecting them. That is clearly not even remotely the truth given the very distinct material in The Conjuring. Although both films are ghost stories James Wan reportedly decided to make The Conjuring because it was a terrifying supernatural movie based on the actual events that terrified the Perron family farm over 20 years ago.

The question is how much of The Conjuring is fact and just how much is fiction?

In a new video that was released by Warner Brothers the Perron family talk about their experiences on the farm. I have no idea what the Perron’s experienced on their farm 20 years ago but they and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren clearly think that something evil was haunting the farm.  Watch the clip below and then hit the comments and let me know. Do you believe in evil spirits? Do you think a whole family made up this story or are demons amongst us?

This next video shows you the actual farm house as well as comments from all of the family members on what they experienced at the Perron Farm.

As an added bonus for paranormal enthusiast’s below you can watch an interview with Lorraine Warren where she discussed how she met Ed Warren and their life together.


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