Thrills and Chills- The Monster Invasion

It looks like monsters have invaded our theme parks this week! And, no, this isn’t another Halloween post.  We’re talking real monsters like Medusa, Goliath, and even a dragon!  Journey on down to check out this weeks Thrills and Chills.

As June creeps to an end, the theme parks are preparing for one of the busiest months of the year.  With everyone competing for the summer traffic, the best way to turn heads is with a new attraction.  That’s why we have three new attractions to discuss this week.

Our first attraction takes us out of the U.S. and down towards our southern neighbor, Mexico.  Down in Six Flags Mexico they’ve opened up a new attraction called “Medusa.”  And, while the mythical creature wasn’t known for her speed, this thing slides around the tracks like a greased pig.  It only reaches a moderate 58 miles per hour, but the track has enough bends and turns to make you feel like you’re ripping back and forth.  It’s also a very tight structure, featuring corridors and low-hanging beams that look like they’re about to decapitate someone. Check out the POV video down below.

And while Medusa isn’t shattering any records, the next attraction is.  Journeying back to the states, this week saw the grand opening of Six Flags Great America’s Goliath.  While the theme/name of the ride isn’t a new addition to Six Flags theme parks, this one is certainly the biggest and fastest of the bunch.  This new Goliath now holds the record for the fastest wooden roller coaster clocking in at 72 MPH.  It also has the tallest and steepest drop as it takes you 180 feet in the air and drops you down an 85 degree angle slope.  Check out the POV below, that first drop is the craziest thing I’ve seen on a wooden coaster.

Finally, our last big attraction of the week isn’t a ride, but it’s still pretty damn cool.  Over at Universal Orlando they’ve added a whole lot of new features to their Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Among them is the Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon sitting on top of Gringotts Bank.  Not only does this thing look badass, but it also spits out fire.  Check it out below.

And that’s it for this weeks Thrills and Chills.  Thanks for stopping by.  You guys who read this dumb weekly thing I do are the best.


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