Tom Six Talks Human Centipede 3

Tom Six’s The Human Centipede left many cringing and many very disappointed due to the film not living up to the expectations left by many mainstream critics. So Tom unleashed The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence onto the British censor board the BBFC and they outright banned the film due to it’s graphic content. In turn they also completely spoiled the film and Six is at it again, he recently spoke to Empire about his third and final instalment in The Human Centipede series.

The Human Centipede 3 is going to “make the last one look like a Disney film”. “We’re going to shoot the third film entirely in America and it’s going to be my favourite… It’s going to upset a lot of people.”

Regarding the BBFC’s decision to outright ban the film in England, Six thought having British actors onboard may help with the ultimate decision unfortunately it did not, Six tell’s Empire, “I hate cutting but I’m jealous that you can buy A Serbian Film here, but you can’t see mine. If it’s made here you need to be able to see it.”

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