Trailer For Psychological Korean Film Persimmon 3D

Don’t you miss the days when a trailer would simply tease us. Just entice us just that little bit and we was left wanting more? Well, those days seem to have long gone,as judging by the trailer below, we almost get a glimpse at the entire flick. Still, Persimmon 3D has me intrigued none-the-less.

With thanks to 24FPS for the heads up, we bring to you the trailer for Choo Sang-rok’s Persimmon 3D, the film is said to be a slow-burn psychological horror flick which also features some lashings of cannibalism.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to go on at all, but we do have a trailer and a synopsis, so hopefully we will learn more soon.

Synopsis: “Six people become locked in a toilet in the country side. They don’t have any common except they all know about a girl who was found dead in the very same washroom. As time goes by, and tension rises about there predicament, as their true colours start to show up. And everyone starts to realize why they are locked in the toilet and who (or what) brought them there.”

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