[Trailer] ‘Zombie Croc’ Rises From the Depths of Hell

For whatever reason, someone thought that crocodiles weren’t scary enough, so, let’s bring one back from with dead, with voodoo I might add, so this sucker can tear you from limb to limb in all its zombified glory! Heck, why not? I’m game.

So, from Robert Elkins (Zombie Isle, Flesh of the Living) comes his latest flick Zombie Croc, and we have the first official trailer which you can view below.

Elkins also stars in the film alongside Brittney Scalf, Apryl Crowell, Crystal Howell, Tony Jones, Lafnmn Jones. Ken Peebles, Dewey Brandon Collins, Vivian Thompson, Linda Witt, David Witt, Jerry Eugene Long, and Alyssa Wheaton.

For more information on Zombie Croc, hit up their official Facebook page.







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