Two More Join Rosemary’s Baby Miniseries

While NBC’s miniseries adaptation of “Rosemary’s Baby” continues to get a lukewarm reception from the horror community, the project seems to be drawing the interest of some notable stars.  The first of which was Zoe Saldana who signed on for the title role over two weeks ago.  Now a few more famous names have joined the cast.

Deadline has learned that “Suits” star Patrick J. Adams and Jason Isaacs have signed on to star in the Agnieska Holland directed miniseries.  Adams will play the role of Rosemary’s husband, Guy.  Isaacs will take on the role of the coven-leader Roman Castevet.  If you told me Isaacs was the leader of some crazy coven, I’d believe it.  Just look at that steely gaze of his.

Two More Join Rosemarys Baby Miniseries

The casting choices are an interesting development as both men have ties to NBC.  Adams is currently in “Suits” which airs on the USA Network, a branch of NBC Universal.  Meanwhile, Jason Isaacs used to have a relationship with the network when he starred in the short-lived “Awake”.  So if NBC is drawing from their stable of available actors, here’s hoping they somehow get a role for Jay Leno since he’ll have plenty of time on his hands when he leaves the Tonight Show in February.

Roman Polanski directed the original 1968 film which centered on an expecting wife who begins to suspect that her husband and neighbors are plotting against her and her baby.

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