Universal Sets Release Date for Mummy Reboot

Guess they couldn’t keep it under wraps for long, huh? Sorry, I’m sick.  With an attempt at relaunching the Wolfman and the upcoming Dracula origin story, it’s clear that Universal Pictures is trying to breathe new life into their classic monster genre.  However, this isn’t the first time Universal has rebooted a monster’s dying career.

In fact, some would say that the most successful attempt at this strategy would be 1999′s “The Mummy”, which went on to spawn several sequels and a cartoon series.  However, diminishing returns eventually caught up to the series and the Mummy once again returned to his sarcophagus.

A good monster never truly dies, though, and now it looks as if Universal is going to attempt to resurrect the Mummy one more time.  The project had been in development for some time, but without a release date it felt more like an intangible object than a film that was truly in the works.  However, Universal has finally given their Mummy reboot a solid release date of April 16, 2016.

So far the only name attached to the project is Andres Muschietti, who will direct the reboot.  Andres previously handled “Mama” for Universal, which was a critical and financial success for the studio.  Hopefully he’ll be able to work that same sort of magic on this film.

Universal Sets Release Date for Mummy Reboot

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