Universal Takes on The Wolf’s Hour

Do you like werewolves? How about Nazis? I mean, not in a supportive way.  Would you want a movie where a werewolf takes on a bunch of Nazis? I know I do.

Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the novel “The Wolf’s Hour” by Robert McCammon.  According to Deadline, the novel . . .

. . .focuses around a man who is recruited by the Allies in WWII specifically for his ability to go werewolf. He’s charged with stopping a Nazi plot to drop poison gas on England, and at the same time he searches for his long lost blood brother.

That sounds completely awesome.  I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know how crazy the concept gets, but the premise is wild enough for me to be interested.  I can only hope that there’s a Nazi werewolf and we get some furious furry action.

The script has already been written by Bradley and Kevin Marcus who worked on Brianne Davis’ “The Night Visitor” last year.  Universal will produce the film through their Chris Morgan productions.  Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this one in the near future.

The Wolfs Hour

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