Uwe Boll Unleashes A Zombie Massacre

Any zombie fans out there remember the 1998 game Zombie Massacre? Ever think that sucker would ever be mentioned again, yet alone having a film adaptation?

Well, according to DreadCentral, Uwe Boll will be adapting this sucker, granted he has enough experience with adapting video games into movies, just some times he falls short. I love the teaser poster which states; “There Is No Hope” is that what some horror fans thought when they seen the name, Uwe Boll?

But all joking aside, Uwe Boll isn’t that bad… is he? Yeah he has had a fair few stinkers but occasionally he can pull something out. So far we have no plot details for Zombie Massacre and it may not even be anything like the game. But, stay tunes as more details chime in.

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