Vanessa Grasse Cast as Female Lead in ‘Leatherface’

The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” prequel known as “Leatherface” continues to assemble it’s cast of characters.  Previous casting news has brought us info about the films various antagonists, but today’s news fills in a crucial role: the possible heroine.

According to The Wrap, newcomer Vanessa Grasse has landed the lead role  in the upcoming prequel. Grasse will play Lizzy, the young nurse who is kidnapped by a trio of deranged teenagers.  One of which is destined to grow up to become the infamous killer known as Leatherface.

Grasse will be joining veteran actors Stephen Dorff and Lily Taylor.  Dorff is set to play a vengeful Texas Ranger who is hellbent on stopping the trio of teens while Lily Taylor will be playing Verna Sawyer, Leatherface’s grandmother.

The film will be directed by the duo of Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo from a script written by Seth Sherwood. No word on when “Leatherface” is expected to hit theaters.


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