Watch Negan Crush the Cast of Tekken in this ‘Tekken 7’ Gameplay Trailer

The Tekken Finals has wrapped up and with the tournament over Bandai Namco has released some new trailers for DLC characters coming down the line for “Tekken 7.”  So why are we talking about a fighting game on a horror movie site?  Cause one of the new fighters is Negan from “The Walking Dead.”  And I don’t just mean some new video game version of Negan, it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

We learned about Negan’s entry into the series earlier this year, but now we have some gameplay footage that shows just how violent he can be in game form.  To showcase his style, Namco hilariously recreated the infamous season six finale of “The Walking Dead” where Negan has Rick and his crew all lined up, waiting to see who will be executed.

Of course Negan’s combat seems heavily reliant on his trusty bat Lucille.  He looks fun to play, but I still can’t help feel like Negan would be better suited for a game like “Mortal Kombat” where you could get away with some really bloody actions.  That being said, I’m looking forward to Negan talking to Devil Jin about “pee pee pants city.”

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