Watch: Silent Hill Stolen Heart Short Film

Happy Friday the 13th… all be it belated. This entire week I have been away for Work so DethBanger has been holding down the fort like a champion. I have a treat for you all though in the form of a Silent Hill Short Film called Stolen Heart.

The short film is directed by two Tokyo based filmmakers Hamish Downie and Paul Leeming and it stars  Japanese Male Model/Karate Champion Zenta Ochi in the lead, who also starred in “Never Let You Down”.

Silent Hill Stolen heart was shot to mimic the in game point of view camera with an emphasis on making it accurate to the various parts of the game and the Silent Hill Mythology. The short was shot entirely in an abandoned mining town which has not been lived in since 1974. Checkout the short film below and if you like it, tweet, it LIKE it on facebook and share it with friends.

Support indie filmmakers because if you do not who will?


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