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It took me a couple of days to sit down to write a review for the new to VOD release ‘Apartment 143.’ When this happens it usually means one of two things: either the movie was so fucked up that it took me a couple of days to wrap my rather simple brain around what I just saw, or, the film is so uninspired that it just really leaves me with no desire to sit down an invest the time in writing a halfway decent review. Unfortunately for ‘Apartment 143’ it’s the second scenario that’s in play here.

‘Apartment 143’ is essentially what you get when you combine ‘Poltergeist’ with found footage juggernaut franchise ‘Paranormal Activity. The White family has been under siege by some strange phenomenon since Alan Whites (Kai Lennox, ‘Boogie Nights’) wife died in a horrific car accident. His daughter, Caitlin (Gia Mantegna, Fat Tonys Daughter) holds him responsible for her death. His young son, Benny, claims that he’s talked to mommy since she’s dies. For his part, Alan moved the family out of their home and into a small apartment. Unfortunately the hauntings not only have continued but seem to have increased.

Enter out team of paranormal investigators. Dr. Hazer (Micheal O’Keefe) is the leader of his small group. He’s joined by Ellen (Fiona Glascott) and Paul (Rick Gonzalez, “Spanish” from ‘Old School’). Paul is the tech guy. Ellen is the chick he wants to bang. They enter the house set up their equipment and wait for the inevitable. Unlike ‘The Innkeepers’, ‘Apartment 143’ doesn’t waste time in starting with the jump scares. Doors begin to close, loud strange noises start, pictures change position, it’s typical ‘Paranormal Activity’ scare fare here.

Meanwhile there is a weird dynamic that’s developed between Alan and his daughter Caitlin. She not only blames him for her mothers death, but acts like a total disrespectful bitch most of the time towards her father. Dr. Hazer and his crew try to lend some support to Alan, who is at times not sure what is worse – dealing with a ghost or a sixteen year old daughter. He leans on the crew, eventually disclosing the entire story surrounding his wifes death. She was a crazy, lazy, slut apparently, who was chasing after Alan and the kids when she wrapped her car around a tree.

Everything comes to a head at a seance lead by the enigmatic Heseltine. While trying to communicate with the spirit, Caitlin becomes inhabited (?) by the ghost. The Caitlin/Ghost causes some havoc before leaving her body. Caitlin goes to sleep but is set upon by the spirit again. This time it lifts her up and spins her around. There is a ton of wind. Her father breaks into the room, he appears to rescue her.

The film works as a creepy little ghost story up until this point. The “ghost” is seemingly vanquished but the good doctors explanation is paper thin. The film attempts to be clever. It tries to bring something a different twist to the typical ghost story. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The “original” twist makes absolutely no sense, it’s a shame because up until the last 10 minutes or so of the film, it’s pretty good if not predictable. The “twist” though leaves nothing but a bad taste in your mouth. Chalk ‘Apartment 143’ up in the same category as ‘Hostel III’ or ‘Kill List’ where the twist leaves you scratching your head more than enjoying the film.

2 / 5 stars     


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      1. Sweet 'n' Tender May 3, 2012 at 4:30 am

        Man, I watched it the other night and was so pissed… it was awful. Enough of the found footage thing. I know it keeps costs down, but man, this sucked.

      2. Dread World May 3, 2012 at 2:28 pm

        Thinking even more about it after I wrote the review…the only real interesting part was the father/daughter relationship (and part of that may have come from what I remember of Kai Lennox in ‘Boogie Nights’). The ‘haunting’ stuff we’ve seen over and over again…even the father/daughter stuff got dangerously close to ‘A Haunting In Connecticut’…

      3. Thistle May 9, 2012 at 6:51 pm

        I think it would have been more interesting if it HAD been a case of sexual abuse. I think that would have made a lot more sense then the whole schizophrenia thing. I thought the spirits were the mother being angry over the abuse of her daughter and punishing her husband. And that would have been a decent storyline if slightly predictable. The ending was confusing and contradictory. Although it would have made a decent X-files episode – what happens when schizophrenic kids have psychic powers gone wrong! But the shaky cam was annoying.

        • Danny Roa May 24, 2012 at 10:26 pm

          better if it was a case of sexual abuse…wow. I’m glad u had no say in the movie.

      4. filmliebhaber-tom June 21, 2012 at 3:52 pm

        Leider nichts Neues aus der Sparte
        „Found Footage“. Im gruseligen und spuk-intensiven „Apartment“
        143 geht zwar gehörig die Post ab, aber so wirklich neu, oder
        innovativ gestaltet sich das leider Gottes nicht.

        Hier wird einmal mehr Paranormales
        mittels Hand- und Überwachungskameras überprüft, nur mit dem
        Aspekt, dass die Gegebenheiten von 3 Wissenschaftlern untersucht

        Zu meiner Schande muss ich gestehen,
        dass ich mich als überzeugender „Found Footage“-Gegner dennoch
        relativ kurzweilig unterhalten gefühlt habe. Einerseits stimmt die
        Technik, denn Bildtotal-Ausfälle oder überhandnehmendes
        Kameragewackel treten hier nicht auf. Aber auch die gewisse
        Ernsthaftigkeit mit der die Geschichte erzählt und untersucht wird
        hat seinen Reiz. Bis kurz vor dem recht versemmelten Ende, weiß der
        Zuschauer nicht, ob es sich bei den Spuk-Vorfällen um wirkliche
        bösartige Präsenzen handelt, oder ob einzig der debile
        Geisteszustand der pubertären Protagonistin hierfür verantwortlich
        gemacht werden muss. „Paranormal Activity“-Fans dürften sich im
        „Apartment 143“ sofort heimisch fühlen, der Rest darf diesen
        Spunkfilm gern meiden!

        Fazit 6/10 Punkte

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