Love in the Time of Monsters [Review]

Love in the Time of Monsters PosterFor those of you that have been following me know that I am a huge sucker for creature features. To me they’re awesome, whether it’s werewolves, rabbits, critters or in the case of Matt Jackson’s Love in the Time of Monsters, it’s Bigfoot or the humble Sasquatch. Now, when it comes to horror and comedy it is a very fine line for me, sometimes and works and then some times it doesn’t. Thankfully, Love in the Time of Monsters is an absolute blast, it’s filled with enough gore and horror to satisfy us gore-hungry beasts and there is enough laughs for those of us who like our horror a little bit more chilled and Love in the Time of Monsters manages to balance both of them brilliantly.

So, the film follows sisters Marla and Carla, who witness the unfortunate death of their father on a family vacation. Flash forward many years, the sisters are now young adults and have decided to bring back some fond memories of their family by going on a little vacation. Their destination just so happens to be Uncle Slavko’s All-American Lodge, and it’s also a little surprise visit for Carla’s boyfriend who works as one of the many Bigfoot impersonator’s.

As it would seem, so far, so good. Unfortunately not, especially if you just so happen to be one of the Bigfoot impersonator’s as a little accident takes place at the local swamp and the group of Bigfoot impersonator’s, which includes Kane Hodder, fall into the radioactive swamp and soon they become bloodthirsty, zombie-like beasts that have one mission in mind, eat copious amounts of flesh!

And thus, the lodge becomes the safe house and it’s soon us versus them for a battle of survival, unfortunately for Carla though, her boyfriend tries to munch on her milky-white flesh, but is soon taken to safety as they try to come up with a plan as to not kill the beasts but to try to reverse the mutated process which has unfortunately invaded their brains.

If you love cheesy monster movies of yesteryear, you will absolutely love this. The dialogue is witty in parts and keeps the momentum going, although it does slow down a little bit, but it’s not for too long as soon it picks up again and we are thrust straight back into the action where the gore really sets the tone. It’s a great stuff and from what I can tell it’s pretty much all practical effects, keep an eye out for the mutated-rodent chestburster, it’s fantastic stuff!

I can see Love in the Time of Monsters becoming a regular play for many Halloween parties to come, it’s fun, cheesy, silly and it’s really got something for everyone, and yes, there are a few boobs to be had if that’s your thing.

One thing I hope they expand on is the mutated woodland critters, okay it’s kinda done with that other flick Zombeavers, but in here we have a whole freakin’ army of critters that are out to eat your face, eyeballs included. Anyway, Love in the Time of Monsters is available right now on various VOD platforms and Amazon, if you prefer to have physical copies of stuff. So like I said, if you love cheesy monster movies with a whole lot of heart, this one is definitely worth the watch.

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