[Horror Short Review] Cindy Maples’ Random

Random PosterOne of the best things about the horror genre is that it is absolutely filled with some truly awesome talent, that is screaming to be seen. Case in-point; Cindy Maples. This wonderful actress has starred in a slew of movies, shorts and TV shows, throughout the years. But it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to her directorial debut film, Random, a short flick which is filled to the brim with stunning visuals, and is anything but short when it comes to substance.

The short follows a couple who appears to have it all, played by Cindy Maples and Rusty James respectively. During the seven minutes we’re quickly introduced to their very comfortable life all the while being treated to some simply stunning visuals thanks to the black and white approach, coupled with a striking music score composed by Mina Fedora.

In between the visuals of their life, we get a glimpse of the reality of it all, but we don’t quite know what is exactly happening. But, something appears to not be all their, as their eyes tell a very different story as we witness them laying on a bed together. Soon after, we get the twist and all becomes far to real. But I’ll let you find out for yourselves.

While the film is only seven minutes in length, Cindy has produced a well directed short, which is as stunning to look at as it is to experience the horror unfold. And if this is any indication of Cindy’s career as a director, we’re in very capable hands, I can’t wait to see what she unleashes in the future. I recommend you keep an eye on Cindy Maples, as this talented lady is going places. Watch this space.

Just a little shout out, keep an eye out for a cameo from our good friend Jakob Bilinski in the film, who also serves as an assistant director. To give you guys a little taste, hit up the trailer below, and we’ll let you know if this one hits up any festivals in the future.

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