Under The Bed Movie Review

Simon Rother

If you’re looking for a movie that reminds you of your childhood fears, “Under the Bed” is the movie for you, making its world premiere at this summer’s Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival.

Two years ago, Neal made a huge mistake in an attempt to rid his home of the demons it contained that only he could see: he burned down his home, accidentally killing his mother in the process. The last two years have been spent with a relative, trying to keep his mind under control instead of heading to a mental institution.

Now, back home with his father, new stepmother, and younger brother, the demons are back to torment him the moment he walks into his house. This time, however, his brother can also acknowledge their presence, as they have been tormenting him while Neal was away. Together, they will try to conquer these demons who reside underneath their bed.

The actors display a lot of emotion, especially the younger brother, who is very attachable. The movie plays along a psychological aspect for a bigger part of the first half of the movie, slowly zooming in on the closed door of the room or having smoke come out from under the bed, accompanied by growls and roars.

The more the movie progresses, the more the demons are revealed. At first, they seem sort of cheesy and could have been done better, but once they begin to truly attack, an entertaining finale ensues with brief, yet unexpected, gore from a movie that you thought was going to be based on scares alone.

It’s not a superb movie, but it’s not a total failure, either. The movie is worth seeing for the play of the actors and something that scared most of us when we were young: what waits for you beneath your bed. This movie deserves 3 stars out of 5.

3 / 5 stars     


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