The Hamiltons Movie Review


The Hamiltons was one of those films that just snuck up on me and bit me on my ass. I had no idea where this movie came from until After Dark Films had picked it up as a part of their Horrorfest ’06. As with all the films that appeared during Horrorfest it was made with a modest budget and mostly unknown actors so this film really had to deliver on the goods with some gory bits and a great script. But first lets get to the black heart of the film.

The film follows The Hamiltons, a rag tag group of kids who are left to fend for themselves after the untimely death of their parents. With the oldest son looking after the family making sure that they would all be alright. But soon things soon become clear that not every thing is as it seems. Something is wrong with this family and it is about to boil to the surface and with the Parental Counsellors breathing down their necks something is bound to happen. What is wrong with this family? What the hell is the crazy thing trapped in the cage in the barn? You’ll find all that out and more in this fun roller coaster ride of ups and downs as the youngest catches much of it on his own digital camera.

I must say that the best aspects of this movie cannot be explained without ruining the entire movie for you. Its much like a High Tension, Fight Club, or Sixth Sense in those terms. There is a lot of questions that you keep asking yourself about the family and when you discover the answers it only leads to more questions. Even the ending leaves you a little on edge. I will say this however this movie is not for the ADD horror fans who need plenty of action and buckets of blood. This is defintely more of a emotional horror story that really delivers.

This is one of those little horror flicks that often get overlooked because for the most part it appeals to only a small portion of horror fans. The horror community isn’t a very large one to begin with so this movie doesn’t get the luxury of a wide release. However thanks to After Dark Films and Lionsgate it got its due run. With the major exposure it received I think more and more horror fans are going to pick up on this flick and recognize that there is alot more to horror than just blood and boobs. Not saying I don’t love those flicks, I mean I’m a product of the 80’s so those are actually some of my favorite. But this film will definetly show the gorehounds that they can enjoy a well written and directed horror flick without the grue.

So overall I gotta say this is probably one of the best all around flicks to come out from the After Dark Horrorfest ’06. I was also a huge fan of Mike Mendez’s Gravedancers and I believe that The Hamiltons is definetly on the same level. If you are a fan of these types of horror films you will want this movie in your collection for sure. If not I would still advise every horror fan to give this one a rent, you won’t regret it.

4.5 / 5 stars     


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