There’s a Statue of Jason Voorhees at the Bottom of this Lake

Jason McDonald

If you crap your wetsuit at the bottom of a lake, does it make it sound?  Well, I’m sure someone has found out at some point thanks to this excellent art installation/prank/fan tribute for “Friday the 13th.”

If you know your “Friday the 13th” history than you know that Jason Voorhees is defeated Part VI when he’s chained to a boulder and dropped into a lake, where he is seemingly forever stuck. Never to return again. Well, someone was inspired by that imaginary and decided to plant a Jason statue in the bottom of a Minnesota lake popular for diving.  The statue was originally placed in 2013, but old video of it gained a lot of traction recently thanks to a Reddit post.  You can check out the original video down below which shows what the statue looked like in 2013.  The same diver who took that video also did an updated shot in 2017 and you can see the effects of water have not been kind on Jason.  As is tradition.

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      1. Lance March 1, 2018 at 4:18 pm

        That’s pretty cool. nice find!