Check Out This Incredible Gingerbread Recreation of the Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’

Man, I can’t even make a freakin’ Gingerbread man that doesn’t look like it was exposed to horrible amounts of radiation.  And, yet, this family managed to recreate the Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’ in gingerbread form.  My jealousy is off the charts.

And this isn’t just some superficial recreation.  A lot of work and detail went into this house.  If you look into the various windows you’ll see some classic scenes from “The Shining” recreated in delicious edible form.  From the blood elevator to the creepy twins there’s plenty to scope out in this faithful recreation.  These photos were submitted by user eudicotyledon on Reddit.

An interesting side note to this whole thing is that the family who created this gingerbread house include Austin and Aaron Keeling, the twins who released the horror film “The House on Pine Street” this year.  Small world, right? If you’re curious, here’s a review Shaun wrote for the film earlier this year.

GB Shining 1

GB Shining 10

And be sure to check out the Imgur here to see how each section was created and for a few more photos of this incredible house.

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