First Look at the Horror Comic Series ‘Twilight Hotel’

From Square Biz Entertainment comes Darrell and Shawn Smiths latest project, Twilight Hotel, a horror comic series which is set to feature four volumes has just launched a Kickstarter page to help fund with the printing of the comics. And I have to say, so far this one looks like a ton of fun, it’s like The Twilight Zone meets Tales From the Crypt meets American Horror Story: Hotel. The comic book series is written by RA X with the artwork created by Michael Aryn. They’re also working om turning this into a feature film.

Below we have your first look at the comic, and if you like what you see, hit up their Kickstarter page and see how you can help.

Darrell E. Smith told us the following;

Twilight Hotel, a four volume horror series, was chosen as our first venture into the comic book arena because frankly, it is amazing. DARK, FUNNY, SHOCKING, SMART AND EDGY; all the elements that we hope will come to define Square Biz Comics. TH is the story of a 100-year-old West Florida hotel that is possessed by an ancient evil deity named SHE. With the ability to attract and influence people, she lures unwitting individuals to her, where they are subjected to many horrible things, including MAN-EATING BED BUGS, PSYCHOTIC GANGSTERS, ZOMBIES, SERIAL KILLERS and the worst of them all… themselves. While TH pays homage to horror classics like “The Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Crypt”, it also embodies elements of popular modern fair like Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”.

If you would like to see more of Michael Aryn’s work, hit up his official website.

Twilight Hotel

Twilight Hotel 1

Twilight Hotel 2

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