31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2014: Week Four Recap

It’s week four into my 31 Days of Halloween horror movie marathon and things are going pretty well. If you have missed out on my previous updates you can see week one here, week two here, and week three here. Now that you are all caught up lets get on with the show.

Once again I’ll remind you that this is not a list of movies that you should watch for Halloween. This is just a hodgepodge of movies that I decided to watch for one reason or another.

October 22nd: See No Evil 2

For a WWE film I thought the original film was pretty solid for a modern day slasher film. It had a pretty cool killer who used religion as a reason for his rage. My brother was actually a pretty big fan of it so I thought I’d throw this one into the mix this year, plus it was just released.

Now I don’t really get all the hype behind the Soska sisters. I was a little underwhelmed by American Mary so I didn’t really have high expectations for this one. See No Evil 2 really isn’t anything special. It’s not too bad but I kind of feel like we’ve been through all this material before. It also doesn’t help that Danielle Harris almost seems to be reprising her role in Hatchet. Worth watching once probably.

See No Evil 2 Photo

October 23rd: VHS Viral

Personally I wasn’t really a big fan of the first two films in this franchise. They were alright for anthologies but they both included a couple less than great segments. Sometimes that is the problem with an anthology, just one really bad segment can ruin the whole thing.

VHS Viral however is without a doubt the best in the series so far. My only gripe is that the wrap around story doesn’t really make much sense at all and doesn’t do a very good job at explaining why you are watching each of the segments. Luckily each of those segments are pretty bad ass.


October 24th: Exists

The main reason I decided to check this one out is that it was just released. Plus I had just watched Willow Creek and wanted another Sasquatch film to compare it to. Exists had a lot of buzz around it because it was directed by Blair Witch Projects Eduardo Sanchez.

This is another found footage film but I felt like it lacked any real heart. Willow Creek really felt genuine and it was very creepy. Exists just fell kind of flat and I didn’t feel any emotion behind it.

Exists Photo 3

October 25th: The Taking of Deborah Logan

The past couple years I have been a champion of trying to get funding toward research on Alzheimer’s disease. On Netflix I happened to look at the synopsis of this movie and noticed that it had some kind of Alzheimer’s element to it so I was instantly interested.

A film crew is doing a documentary on the effects that Alzheimer’s has on the patient. At first things seem to be just the disease but they quickly realize that things are much more sinister than they thought. Pretty solid film but you really have to stick with it to get the pay off. I was also really surprised to see that Bryan Singer served as Producer.


October 26th: Wrong Turn 6

Honestly the Wrong Turn franchise has gone down the shitter lately so I was reluctant to give this one a spin. However it just came out and a coworker of mine had been bugging me to watch it. So I decided tonight was the night.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best in the series but far from the worst. It had some pretty rad kills with some impressive gore effects. I will say however that despite the fact that effects were good the mutants looked pretty poor. Also there are a lot of sex scenes in this movie. Normally that would be a plus but this almost comes off as a Skinemax movie. Overall worth checking out though.


October 27th: The Houses October Built

I found this movie on accident actually. I was watching a trailer for The Taking of Deborah Logan when I saw what looked like a pretty awesome thumbnail for The Houses October Built. After looking into the synopsis I decided this was gonna be the next one up.

A group of friends decide to take a road trip trying to find the ultimate Haunt. However things get a lot more intense than they expected. This was a pretty awesome movie with one exception, the ending. What the hell? It just felt like I needed a bit more of an explanation. Some people might enjoy the open ended aspect of it. I would highly recommend hunting this down.


October 28th: Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

I remember awhile back hearing about this movie but kind of forgetting about it over time. This was another movie that I happened across while on Youtube watching trailers. Luckily for me Deliver Us From Evil had just been released on DVD and Bluray, just in time for this marathon.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a unique perspective to tell a possession story from. A sub genre that I thought had already seen everything. My only real problems with this one was trying to accept Joel McHale as an adrenaline junkie cop, plus Olivia Munn’s New York accent was just dreadful.

Deliver Us From Evil

That’s it, week four is now in the can. Only a couple more days til Halloween and my marathon will be officially over. My next couple movies are all already picked out but I won’t reveal them yet. You’ll just have to stay tuned to see what they are going to be. If you have read my 31 Days of Halloween marathons before then you can probably guess what they are going to be. Stay tuned!

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