5 Harmless Animals that Are Deadly in Horror Films

Hello Folks! it’s your wholesome Werewolf back with another bunch of movies featuring bad animals menacing us Big Bad Humans.

This time 5 Creatures that don’t readily come to mind as vicious but appearances can be deceptive just ask their victims! Here we go in reverse order :-


This film has been called the most ridiculous monster film ever made, I’m not sure that’s true but I’ve only seen this once, many years ago and i consider it one of the most boring animal horror films. I have broken my rules slightly here because these bundles of furry fun are giant-sized and I said the animals had to be more or less normal size but i couldn’t resist putting this film in this category. Even the writers acknowledged it would have been silly having normal size cuddly bunnies causing havoc!

The story concerns a scientist coming up with an idea to help farmers losing their crops in a south-western part of the U.S by injecting normal bunnies with an experimental hormone to slow the randy rabbit’s reproduction habits. A test rabbit escapes and mates with other bunnies in the area (huh, i thought the hormone was supposed to stop it?) and as a result they become giant flesh-eating killer rabbits.

What follows is hilarious scenes of big bunnies on the rampage through cardboard sets and toy cars. The whole film is played dead serious with a cast that includes Rory Calhoun, Janet Leigh and De Forrest Kelly who must have longed to be beamed up out of this nightmare. To say it’s daft is an under statement.

4. FROGS (1972)

Before Kermit The Frog came along to make the green amphibians respectable again, there was the horror film FROGS. A grumpy disabled millionaire ( the rather typecast in his latter years Ray Milland) holds a birthday party at his southern swampland mansion and his friends and relations attend.

The man hates nature and has no respect for it and finds himself overcome by a horde of green killer frogs. Unfortunately somebody should have told the filmmakers that outside of their bulbous eyes there is nothing scary about frogs and the film quickly becomes quite tedious.


I’m afraid I’ve broken my rules even more here because again the creatures are actually giant and these aren’t played by real shrews they are actually played by dogs in paper shrew masks (!?).

This entertaining film is about a group of people who become trapped on a remote Island after a scientific experiment goes wrong and creates angry and hungry giant shrews.

The dogs actually give a respectable performance ( yeah I said that ) and is in my list of silly guilty pleasure films that I shouldn’t but do enjoy. The Killer Shrews is better than you think it’s going to be even if the best actors are the dogs dressed up as shrews.

2. AENIGMA (1987)

Italian Director Lucio Fulci made this obscure “Carrie ” clone where a girl with strange powers uses them to get back at people who have played tricks on her and tormented her. In one memorable scene she gets revenge on a nasty girl tormentor by getting hordes of snails ( yes the garden variety to swarm over her, in her mouth and god knows what other orifices and eat her alive!

A woman’s scorn is nothing to laugh at.

1. BLACK SHEEP (2006)

This New Zealand made film is a black comedy and an incredibly funny one at that. Experiments in genetic engineering turns the humble gentle sheep herds into blood thirsty, flesh-eating Zombie sheep hordes!

This film is packed full of great action, gore and hilarious moments and even includes a were-sheep!! Black Sheep is great fun!

There we have it, a daft but I hope enjoyable reminder of some of the fun films out there in the sub-genre of dangerous animals.

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