5 Indie Horror Films Worth Watching

Time for another Top 5 and this go around I am taking a look at the 5 really good indie horror movies worth watching. I have deliberately tried to focus on the low-budget but also not discrediting the mid budget horror films that impressed the hell out of me.

So without further ado here are 5 indie horror movies that every horror fan should see.


Spiral is genius and no other words can define how good Spiral was. I feel quite honestly that Adam Green who directed the film showed his immense talent in this film NOT in Hatchet. A lot of people loved hatchet for being a throw back to classic American Horror film making but frankly… who care?

Sure doing a throw back is great but doing something truly original takes far more talent. Adam Green’s SPIRAL is the first film in years to truly tap into what Alfred Hitchcock did with his films. Spiral is in my view the greatest low-budget horror thriller ever made. Hands down. How is that for a bold statement?


Stink Of Flesh

Scott Phillips use to email me updates on a regular basis but at some point we fell out of contact and its a shame. I have not seen Gimme Skelter his last film but his extremely low-budget zombie film Stink of Flesh will go down in history for me as one of the craziest zombie movies ever made.

Stink of Flesh is funny, its dark and its witty and it has a conclusion that not only crossed the ‘holy crap is that wrong’ line it stomps on it and then stabs it in the eye with a pencil.

Stink of Flesh is a great indie zombie film that you cant help but love despite its clearly low-budget. If you love zombies and indie horror you will love Stink of Flesh


Automaton Transfusion

Admittedly I hated Automaton Transfusion. I hated it so much I turned it off 20 minutes into it. But considering how much strong buzz it got and how many people truly and passionately loved it on our site I had to include it.

The thing to make clear is I did not hate Automaton Transfusion for its writing,acting or production I hated it because it made me seasick.  Made for next to nothing it has already become a classic cult zombie film for many. For me it will go down as the most annoying film ever shot.

The film grain after effect put on the film before its release quite literally made me sea sick and want to barf. A real shame I literally could not stomach finishing it. Steven C Miller the director is incredibly talented and I really feel I am missing out on not being able to experience this film. 



Toby Wilkins reads our site and emails from time to time and when SPLINTER was coming out I really enjoyed talking to him about the films progress. Quite honestly I was scared shitless the movie would be crap since I really did not want to hurt a nice guys feelings since around here we don’t cater to filmmakers we like.

You make a crappy movie we call a spade a spade.

That said when I finally did see Splinter was I ever impressed. Splinter is a truly fantastic indie horror film that pays homage to the classic sci-fi thriller THE THING while bringing in its own eco-elements making it its own movie. When the New York Times asked me what my favorite eco horror films were SPLINTER made that list.

Splinter is a movie that every fan of The Thing should go out and buy today! It’s seriously that good!



Last and but not least on this list is FEAST. If you do not love Feast then you sir ( or mam ) are not a true lover of Horror. Feast is an in your face horror film filled with cliché characters and unexpected twists that within the first 20minutes have you grinning ear to ear

FEAST is easily one of my Top 10 movies in my collection and the only bad thing about it is the incredibly HORRIBLE sequels Feast 2 and 3 which are bad enough to make you want to burn the original just to get the stank out of your house even though you love the film.


Having now read my list of Five indie horror movies worth watching I encourage you to share your own favorites in the comments below

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