Cloverfield 2 Secretly About to Hit Theaters This Year?

Some of the most interesting talking points come from you our readers and yesterday Natalie made a very interesting comment on our piece about Matt Reeves Talking Cloverfield 2. I wanted to bring her comments to the forefront since they are definitely a stretch but an interesting point we can discuss.

We have talked in the past at length about how hard it would be for Paramount and JJ Abrams to have the same viral magic with Cloverfield 2 since once the genie is out of the bottle its very hard to put it back in. In a nutshell it comes down to can they reproduce the magic of Cloverfield with the sequel. How can they surprise audiences and generate buzz with a movie where we already know the monster, all be it not where it came from and why. So what if Paramounts twist is that Cloverfield 2 is not only in the can but about to hit theaters in June. You see where this is going? Read what Natalie writes;

Super 8 IS Cloverfield 2!!!!! Ive been saying it since ive heard about super 8, its a prequel to cloverfield, it tells us the origin of the monster. It escaped in the 70′s which is when super 8 takes place, and disappeared into the ocean until cloverfield, im gonna laugh if im right.

When Super 8 was first announced I was also thinking exactly what Natalie was that this was going to be a prequel to Cloverfield. JJ Abrams has however denied this time and time again but that doesnt mean that the films are not somehow related. But are we really going to believe Abrams denials? Its not like he is going to tell us if the big Super 8 twist is that its a Cloverfield prequel.

Is Super 8 in fact the prequel to Cloverfield and will fans be leaving the theater with a big shocking twist that ties them together? Or is this just another monster movie with similar elements to Cloverfield? To play both sides of this fence reader Ken wrote a comment to us on the same piece putting some pretty serious doubt on the theory writing;

As much as I would like to think that it is related to Cloverfield, JJ has flat out said that Super 8 is in no way related to Cloverfield Natalie. That and the fact that Super 8 is actually the combination of two ideas that JJ pitched around Hollywood seperately without any luck. It was only after he combined the two ideas that he found any takers.

So is Super 8 actually a prequel to Cloverfield aka Cloverfield 2? Or is JJ Abrams just not capable of new fresh ideas and just going down the same monster road under a new name and in a different era? One thing is for certain both films have the same writers and producers as Cloverfield and the Cloverfield monster has an uncanny resemblance to the Super 8 monster if you look at the photo from ReelComix.

If Super 8 ends up being a prequel story it gives the potential for a 3rd followup movie and would be a really crafty piece of marketing. If I see Super 8 and the big twist ending is its the Cloverfield monster I will be tickled pink and leave with a big grin.

I suppose we might have to go see the film to see just what if any connections it has with Cloverfield. Thoughts? Comments? Conspiracy theories? Share them with me in the comments.

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